Drain Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Pipe and Drain Cleaning Skills for Home Owners and Professionals

In addition to gurgling noises and the unpleasant odor of decaying food wafting from the sink, obstructed pipes can lead to dangerous and inconvenient waterlogging. A blocked drain may be caused by root invasions, oil, grime, and food debris building on the pipe walls. It’s up to the plumber to choose the best way of drain cleaning in today’s market.

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Drain cleaning may be done in both business and residential settings using these methods:


Drain Cleaning using Hydro Jetting

Drain cleaning with high-pressure water jets, known as hydro-jetting, is a relatively recent innovation in drain cleaning. Water is pushed at an increased speed of upwards of 35k lbs. per square inch (PSI) using a water hose and a strong tip on the hydro jet. The high-pressure water is forced into the pipe when the tip is placed into the drainage. The water’s force and power unclog the drain. It is easy for hydro jetting to drive water down lengthy drainpipes, clearing them of any clogs and residues like food particles and mineral deposits.


Cleaning of Drains Using Snakes

You’ll use a drain snake, also referred to as a plumber’s auger, to clear your pipes with an approximately 14 inches thick tool. Hand cranks are attached to one end of the drill, while a screw is attached to the other end. The manual handle extends the wire through the sewer until it strikes the blockage, which is located at the elastic end. Drilling through the clog with a corkscrew deteriorates it. Plant infestations may be cleared using this procedure, which is quite successful. Use a borescope to find the right place.


Drain Cleaning with Chemicals

Acids and alkaline can clear drains using either solid or liquid forms. The organic obstruction is dislodged and flushed down the toilet when the chemical is put straight into the blocked drain. Products for chemical cleaning services are easily accessible and highly effective.  But some materials are acidic, which can cause skin blisters and pipe rust. Since only certified plumbers are equipped to handle the substances, you must allow them to clear the drain.


Drain Cleaning by Air Burst

Using an accelerating gas like CO2, airburst inspection and maintenance clear pipes. The formed blockage is disintegrated and dislodged by the force of the gas. It is quicker and more effective to use airburst drain cleaning than to use chemical drain cleaning. Unlike other methods, this one doesn’t leave any scratches or scars on the inside of your pipes.


Final Words:

A backed-up drain is a nightmare waiting to happen, soaking your house with water. Although trying to clear the drains yourself might be disastrous, it’s best to leave the job to a competent and experienced plumber. Professionals with the necessary training and experience can clear the drain quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, they’re licensed, certified, and guaranteed, so your home is safe while they work on the drain.

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