Legends of Women Skating

Women Skating Legends

Figure Skating, the first winter Olympic activity, is performed on ice by singles, duos, or groups using figure skates. Here are some of the finest female figure skaters of all time. It would be best if you saw these people as role models before you go on and buy ski goggles for women.

Fans have always been mesmerized by female skaters’ finesse, strength, and drama. One such incident occurred in 1994, just prior to Nancy Kerrigan’s Olympic second-place win.

The following is a list of the greatest female Olympic skaters of all time.


Shizuka Arakawa

To date, she is the only Japanese female to receive an Olympic figure-skating gold medal, and she did it in 06. After Florence Syers, who triumphed at 27 years old in 1908, Arakawa became the oldest female Olympic figure skater champion at 24 years old.


Adelina Sotnikova

Reigning world champion Kim Yuna of Korea finished in the second position to Adelina Sotnikova, a 17-year-old Russian figure skater, in a stunning display in 2014. Prior to this season, Sotnikova had racked up a slew of medals from the Europeans, World Championship series, and Russian competitions.


Elizabeth Manley

Elizabeth Manley, a Canadian figure skater, gave the display of her lifetime at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta. She was ecstatic with her silver medal, despite having a shot at Olympic gold. Manley shot to fame in Canada after earning silver in the event.


Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding’s suspected involvement in the plan to hurt Nancy Kerrigan before to the 94 Olympic figure skating competition enhanced the sport’s attractiveness. A silver medal followed Kerrigan’s bronze medal in 1992.


Sarah Hughes

An American figure skater, Sarah Hughes, shocked the world by winning the Olympic gold in women skating at the 02 Winter Games.


Michelle Kwan

The most distinguished American figure skater in history, Michelle Kwan is a two-time Olympic champion, five-time championship winner, and nine-time U.S. titleholder.


Oksana Baiul

In 1994, Russian speed skater Oksana Baiul won the Olympic medal at the age of sixteen. Baiul had to overcome a number of hardships, including being orphaned at the age of 13, before he was crowned champion.


Midori Ito

Former world champion and Olympic silver medalist Midori Ito represented Japan in both 89 and 92. In 92, she would become the first female to complete a triple axel leap in the Olympics, making her the first female triple axel jumper in competition.


Kristi Yamaguchi

1992 Olympic figure skating winner Kristi Yamaguchi was also the first American female to do so since 1976. After 35 years, she became the only woman to win two trophies in the US championships, one in the solo and one in the mixed doubles, in 1989.


Kim Yuna

In 2010, South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna won gold in the Olympic competition. She became the first Korean woman to win a gold medal in figure skating.


Tara Lipinski

At the age of 15, Tara Lipinski of the United States became the youngest ever female Olympic figure skating gold champion when she triumphed in 1998.


Alina Zagitova

Women’s figure skater gold medalist Alina Zagitova of the Russian Olympic Athletes earned the title in Pyeong Chang 2018. A month following, Tara Lipinski, another American, had become the second-youngest titleholder in history.

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